Rules & Regulations


We are a Campground and maintain a family environment at Sun Ray Hills. We ask that your conduct be supportive of this environment. We request that all body contact be limited to simple expressions of affection and friendship. Provocative conduct of sexual advances, open petting, vulgar language and drug abuse are not and will not be tolerated. Wine and liquor bottles are to be kept in your ice chest, campers or in your cars and drinking must be kept to a tolerable limit.


We are a clothing optional campground


This is  the one area of the grounds where clothing is not an option. All members and visitors are required to be nude in the pool. No glass is allowed within the pool area.


Safety and care of children will be the sole responsibility of their parents. Children not potty trained must wear rubber pants while in pools.


For your comfort and the consideration of others, please sit on your own towels, carry one with you at all times. Towels may not be used to reserve unattended lounges and chairs for extended periods of time.


Please speak to Nick or Laura if you’d like to bring a pet to the campground. If you must bring a pet, please keep it inside your camper, or leashed within your campsite. Barking dogs are not allowed. Please clean up after them also!


No photography of other people without their consent is allowed or tolerated


We are a CLOTHING OPTIONAL CAMPGROUND, not a sex club. Behavior (verbal or physical) or activity that disrupts the harmony and tranquility, such as overt sexual behavior or the appearance of overt sexual behavior is unacceptable. Violations of privacy, intoxication, public immoral conduct, or any unruly disturbances will not be tolerated. We encourage you to report (to the office, in confidence) any sexual advances, or uncomfortable situation that you may have encountered. We will act swiftly if any other member or guest has disturbed your visit with us.


Water is a precious commodity at Sun Ray Hills, and our water system is capable of supplying water for your needs. However we do not allow washing of cars, campers or RV’s on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays.


Solicitation of business or services on the grounds is not permitted, without prior consent of the owner, as we reserve the right to ask guests to remove body jewelry it considers inappropriate.